Yang Yuanyuan (b.1989, Beijing), she is currently based in Beijing and New York. Most of her projects take the research and collected historical materials as the departure, and they evolve along with individual experiences relate to specific places. By creating narratives where facts and fiction coexist, she challenges the rigid and conventional interpretation of history and gives voices to subjects that have been forgotten, silenced, and misinterpreted. Yang creates visual narrative through photography, writings, video, artist books and performance, these mediums intertwine with each other within her projects. In the past few years, many of Yang Yuanyuan’s projects unfold upon the history of migration and war in the 20th century. Although the theme, location and period of the stories are different, they are subtlety related to each other.

Yang received a BA (hons) in photography at London College of Communications, University of the Arts London in 2013. In 2018 Yang was the artist-in-residence at Art in General in New York supported by Asian Cultural Council. Yang was shortlisted for the Huayu Youth Award in 2016. In 2015 she was shortlisted for Author Book Award at Rencontres d'Arles and Best Photobook of 2015 at Fototbookfestival in Kassel, and she received second prize at Gucang Dummy Award Martin Parr Edition in the same year. She was shortlisted for the first round selection at Bloomberg New Contemporaries in 2014; she was one of the UK winners of the Magenta: Flash Forward award in 2013; she received the Tierney Fellowship at Three Shadows Photography Award in 2012, and she received third prize at the Bar-Tur Award in 2011.

Yang’s work has been exhibited and published internationally. She is currently in process of making a feature length film. Her solo exhibitions include: “Theater of Crossroads”(Gallery 456, New York, 2018); “Interval”(Modern Art Base, Shanghai, 2018); “At the Place of Crossed Sights”(C-Space, Beijing, 2016) and “In-between Places” (Being 3 Gallery, Beijing, 2012). She participated Anren Biennale (2017) and Guangzhou Image Triennial (2017). Her works have been the subject of exhibitions at K11 Art Museum, Shenyang (2018); FM Center, Milan (2018); OCAT Shanghai(2017); Guangzhou Times Museum, Guangzhou (2017); Yang Art Museum, Beijing (2017); Fotogalerie Wien, Vienna (2016);Benaki Museum, Athens (2015); Objectifs, Singapore (2015); Espacio de Arte Contemporáneo (EAC), Montevideo (2015) and Three Shadows Photography Art Center, Beijing (2012).

杨圆圆于1989年生于北京,目前工作居住于北京与纽约。杨圆圆的创作通常围绕在具体地点的个体经验展开, 并以搜集的历史资料与文献为入口进行一种图文写作。她通过结合真实与虚构的元素,挑战固化与传统的历史诠释,关注被遗忘、消声及曲解的人物与片段。杨圆圆通过摄影、写作、影像、艺术家书与表演等多种媒介来实现作品中的图文叙事,这些媒介通常会在她的项目中交织呈现。近几年来,杨圆圆的多个项目均以20世纪的移民与战争历史为背景。尽管项目的主题、发生地点与年代各不相同,彼此间却有着丝丝缕缕的关联。

杨圆圆于2013年获得伦敦艺术大学摄影本科学位。她于2017年获得亚洲文化协会(ACC)纽约奖助金驻留项目,并于2018年在纽约Art in General 进行半年的驻地;在2016年,她获得华宇青年奖提名;2015年,她获得阿尔勒摄影节获得最佳作者书提名(Author Book Award)(2015)、入选卡塞尔摄影书2015年最佳摄影书以及马丁·帕尔谷仓摄影样书二等奖;在2013年,她是Magenta: Flash Forward摄影奖获奖者之一;在2012年,她是三影堂摄影奖的美国特尼基金奖得主;2010年,她获得英国的Bar-Tur摄影奖的三等奖。

杨圆圆的作品在国内外参展并出版。目前,她正在进行自己的第一部电影长片。她的近期个展包括“交错剧场”(Gallery 456,纽约,2018);“间隔地带”(Modern Art Base, 上海,2018);“在视线交错之处(上篇)(C-空间,北京,2016)。曾参与安仁双年展(2017)、广州影像三年展(2017);曾在沈阳K11 美术馆(2018)、FM Center, Milan (2018)、上海OCAT美术馆(2017)、广州时代美术馆 (2017)、央美术馆(2017)、奥地利摄影画廊(2016)、雅典贝纳基博物馆(2015)、 新加坡Objectifs(2015)、乌拉圭当代艺术中心(2015)、三影堂摄影艺术中心(2012) 等机构参与群展。