Yuanyuan Yang
(b.1989, Beijing, China)

Educational Background
BA Photography, London College of Communication,
University of the Arts London, UK

Solo Exhibitions

2018 Gallery 456, “Theater of Crossroads”, New York, USA
2018 Modern Art Base, “Interval”, Shanghai, China
2016 C-Space, “At the Place of Crossed Sights (Part 1)”, Beijing, China
2014 Organhaus, “Nearly There, Nearly Concrete, Chongqing”, Chongqing, China
2012 Being 3 Gallery, “In-between Places”, Beijing, China

Artist Book:
2015 Lateral Roots Issue one (self-publish)
2014 “10 Days in Kraków”, Jiazazhi Publishing, Beijing, China


2017 Individual grant, Asian Cultural Council, NYC
2016 Finalist, New Talent Photography Award, Xitek
2016 Finalist, Huayu Youth Award, ArtSanya
2015 Second Prize, Gucang Dummy Award Martin Parr Edition
2015 Shortlisted, Author Book Award, Rencontres d'Arles, Arles
2015 Best Photobooks, Fotobookfestival, Kassel
2015 Honorable Mention, International Photography Awards,
2015 Honorable Mention, Exposure Award
2014 Shortlisted, Bloomberg New Contemporaries, Institute of Contemporary Art, London
2013 Paul Smith Award, London College of Communication
2013 UK winner, Magenta: Flash Forward, Magenta Foundation
2012 Tierney Fellowship, Tierney Family Foundation
2011 3rd Place, Bar-Tur Award, University of the Arts London

Artist Residencies:
2018 August Film Lab, Uniondocs, NYC, USA

2018 Art in General, NYC, USA
2016 Fotogalerie Wien, Vienna, Austria
2016 Gucang Photography Art Center, Lanzhou, China
2014 Organhaus AIR Program, Chongqing, China

Selected Group Exhibitions

2018 3rd Beijing Photo Biennial & Beizhan China 1st International Photography Festival: Troubled Intentions Ahead: Confusing Public and Private”, Beizhen, China
2018 OCAT Shenzhen, “40 Years of Chinese Contemporary Photography”, Shenzhen, China
2018 Photofairs Shanghai | Inslights, Same But Also Different, Shanghai, China
2018 OCAT Beijing, “Picturing Histories: Historical Narratives in Contemporary Chinese Photography”, Beijing, China
2018 OCAT Shenzhen, “Fiction Art”, Shenzhen, China
2018 Three Shadows Photogrpahy Art Center, “Ten Directions: The 10th Anniversary Exhibition of the Three Shadows Photography Award”, Beijing, China
2018 K11 Artspace, “Assembling”, Shenyang, China
2018 FM Centre, “The Szechwan Tale “, Milan, Italy
2018 OCAT Beijing, “Frontier Vision: Frontier: Re-assessment of Post-Globalisational Politics”, Beijing, China
2018 Aike Dellarco Gallery, "Spiral Stair", Shanghai, China
2017 OCAT Shanghai, Frontier Vision, Shanghai, China
2017 Guangzhou Image Triennial: Simultaneous Eidos, , Guangzhou, China
2017 N3 Gallery, “Socialist Baraque”, Beijing, China
2017 Yang Gallery, “A Seperation“, Beijing, China
2017 The 1st Anren Biennale, “Today’s Yesterday”, Chengdu, China
2017 China Port Museum, “The Port and The Image: Documenting China’s Harbor Cities”, Ningbo, China
2017 AM Art Space, “Raw Notes”, Shanghai, China
2017 Unicorn Center for Art, “You really know where you are. For the first time in history”, Beijing, China
2017 Yang Art Museum (YAM), “Rebel Cities”, Beijing, China
2017 Galaxy Museum of Contemporary Art, “Arrival City”, Chongqing, China
2017 Xitek / Chronus Art Center, “New Talent Award Finalist Exhibition”, Shanghai, China
2017 Guangdong Times Museum, “Times Heterotopia Trilogy III:The Man Who Never Threw Anything Away”, Guangzhou, China
2016 ArtSanya, “2016 Huayu Youth Award”, Sanya, China
2016 Jimei x Arles Photography Festival, “A Fictional Narrative Turn”, Xiamen, China
2016 Lianzhou International Photography Festival, “As Entertaining as Possible”, Lianzhou, China
2016 The 3rd Nanjing International Art Festival, “HISTORICODE: Scarcity & Supply”, Nanjing, China
2016 235 Guangfu Road, “You won’t be young forever”, Shanghai, China
2016 Fotogalerie Wien, “Diversity of Modernity”, Vienna, Ausria
2016 International Urban Image Festival, “Je est un autre”, Shenzhen, China
2016 Photofairs Shanghai, Artworld Booth: The Poetic of Daily Life in the Social Media Era, Shanghai, China
2016 Gucang Photography Art Center, Become a Traveler Once Again, Lanzhou, China
2016 Intelligensia Gallery, “Hypertext”, Beijing, China
2015 AOTU Studio, “Organic Iconography”, Beijing, China
2015 Espacio de Arte Contemporáneo (EAC), “Teetering at the Edge of the World”, Montevideo, Uruguay
2015 Objectifs, “Asian Women Photographer’s Showcase”, Singapore
2015 Photo Shanghai, “LEAP Pavilion: The Coming Image”, Shanghai, China
2015 Dali International Photography Festival, Dali, China
2015 C-Space, “Middle Ground”, Beijing, China
2015 Scope Art, “An Anonymous Exhibition”, Beijing, China
2014 Beijing Design Week, “Bibliorium”, Beijing, China
2014 Kunstbüro Glöckner, “In Ruinen 2012-2014: Das Kunstunternehmen”, Frankfurt, Germany
2013 Space Regeneration Project, “#6 Exhibition: Not There”, Beijing, China
2013 Photofusion, “Flash Forward 2013”, London, UK
2013 Neubacher Shor Contemporary, “Flash Forward 2013”, Toronto, Canada
2013 Photoville, “Tierney Fellowship Exhibition”, Brooklyn NY
2013 University of the Arts London, “London College of Exhibitionist BA Photography Graduate Show”, London, UK
2012 Triange Space, “Bar-Tur Winners 2011/12 Exhibition”, London, UK
2012 Paradise Row, “Bar-Tur Winners 2011/12 Exhibition”, London
2012 Three Shadows Photography Art Center, “Three Shadows Photography Award”, Beijing, China
2012 798 Space, “Affordable Art Beijing”, Beijing, China
2011 J Gallery, “Light Room”, Shanghai, China

2011 Pingyao International Photography Festival, Pingyao, China

2010 China Academy of Arts, “Banquet of Images”, Hangzhou, China 

2010 Camberwell College of Arts, “India Song”, London, UK

2010 The Other Space Gallery, “Some Summer”, London, UK

2010 Departure Gallery, “Rhizomatic”, London, UK

2010 Beijing Center for the Arts, “the market”, Beijing, China

Selected Book Exhibitions

2016 Photobook Week, Aarhus, Denmark
2016 Shanghai 21st Century Minsheng Art Museum, art book in China, Shanghai, China
2015 Jimei x Arles International Photo Festival, “Author Book Award 2015”, Xiamen, China
2015 CAFA Museum, “Beijing Photography Biennial”, Beijing, China
2015 TIFF Festival, “The Map”, Warsaw, Poland
2015 Rencontres d'Arles, “Author Book Award 2015”, Arles, France
2015 Fotobookfestival, “Best Photobook of 2015”, Kassel, Germany
2015 Tate Modern (Turbine Hall), “Off Print London”, London, UK
2015 Benaki Museum, “Athens Photo Festival-The Photobook Show”, Αthens, Greece
2015 FORMAT International Photography Festival, “50 Contemporary Photobooks from China 2009-2014 Exhibition”, Derby, UK
2015 LA Artbook Fair, Los Angeles

2016 Chennai Photo Biennale, Asian Women Photographer’s Showcase, Chennai, India
2011 Caochangdi Photospring Festival, 24h.com, Beijing, China

Conference/ Lecture/Workshop:
2017 “Exhibition as Literary Form”, UCCA, Beijing, China
2017 “E-Pals Talk: Jianyu Duan+Yuanyuan Yang”, Guangdong Times Museum / Fangsuo, Guangzhou, China
2016 “Three Shadows Education Programme: Yuanyuan Yang’s online lecture”, Three Shadows Photography Art Center, China
2016 “Photography in Novel, Novel in Photography”, Photofairs Shanghai / NewTalents, Shanghai, China
2016 “Polyphonic Seeing: when photographs meets texts”, Art World Magazine / Powerstation of Art, Shanghai, China
2016 “An Art Writing Workshop”, Salt Project, Beijing, China
2015 “Exile of Semantics: The Parallel Connection of Image and Text”(In conversation with Chen Zhe), Three Shadows Photography Art Center / Kubrick Bookstore, Beijing, China
2015 “Weaving and Visual Narrative”(book making workshop with Du Yang), Syu Heoi Canton, Guangdong, China
2015 “Youth Vision” (panel discussion held by Photography World Magazine), Photo Beijing, Beijing, China
2015 “Paper Manifesto”(In conversation with Matjaž Tančič), Beijing Design Week, Beijing, China
2014 “Open Images”(a discussion on 10 Days in Kraków”), Three Shadows Photography Art Center, Beijing, China
2014 “10 Days in Kraków: Book Launch”, Kubrick Bookstore, Beijing, China
2014 “Yuanyuan Yang: On recent practice”, Organhaus, Chongqing, China
2012 “Individual Quest”, held by Be Water Photography / Kubrick Bookstore, Beijing, China


2009-2013: 伦敦艺术大学 伦敦传媒学院,纯艺术学士学位,摄影系

2018 Gallery 456,“交错剧场”,美国纽约
2018 Modern Art Base,“间隔地带”,中国上海
2016 C-空间,“《在视线交错之处》(上)”,中国北京
2014 器空间,“几近抵达,几近具体,重庆”,中国重庆
2012 在3画廊,“中间地带”,中国北京

2014 《在克拉科夫的十日》,假杂志出版,中国北京
2015 《次根》创刊号,自出版,中国北京

2017 亚洲文化协会 奖学金
2016 新锐摄影奖 提名
2016 华宇青年奖 提名
2015 谷仓Martin Parr样书奖 二等奖
2015 阿尔勒摄影节,作者书奖(Author Book Award)提名 2015 卡塞尔摄影书节,入选2015年度最佳摄影书
2015 International Photography Awards 提名
2015 Exposure Award 提名
2014 Bloomberg New Contemporaries 提名
2013 Paul Smith 摄影奖
2013 Magenta – Flash Forward 摄影奖
2012 美国特尼基金奖
2011 英国Bar-Tur摄影奖

2018 UnionDocs, 美国纽约

2018 Art in General, 美国纽约

2016 Fotogalerie Wien, 奥地利维也纳
2016 谷仓当代影像馆,中国兰州
2014 Organhaus, 器空间,中国重庆

2018 第三届北京国际摄影双年展 & 2018首届北镇国际摄影大展:混合的公共性与私密性
2018 OCAT深圳,“中国摄影40年”,中国深圳
2018 Photofairs Shanghai | Insights,“物是人非 ”,中国上海
2018 OCAT 北京,“描述历史”,中国北京
2018 OCAT 深圳,“小说艺术”,中国深圳
2018 空白空间,“On Paper 2”,中国北京
2018 三影堂摄影艺术中心,“十方:三影堂摄影奖十周年特展”,中国北京 
2018 沈阳K11,“在集结”,中国沈阳
2018 FM Centre, “The Szechwan Tale”,意大利米兰

2018 OCAT 北京,“疆域之眼” ,中国北京
2018 艾可画廊,“旋梯”,中国上海
2017 OCAT上海,“疆域之眼” ,中国上海
2017 广州影像三年展:“复相叠影”,中国广州
2017 N3 Gallery,“东北巴洛克”,中国北京
2017 杨画廊,“一次别离”,中国北京
2017 安仁双年展,“今日之往昔”,中国成都
2017 港口博物馆,“港口与影像:行动中的中国港城影像计划”,中国宁波
2017 上午艺术空间,“生肉笔记”,中国上海
2017 Unicorn Center for Art,“第一次在历史上,你找到自己的位置”,中国北京
2017 央美术馆,“都市折叠”,中国北京
2017 重庆星汇当代美术馆,“落居城市”,中国重庆
2017 色影无忌/新时线媒体艺术中心,“2016年新锐摄影奖”,中国上海
2017 广东时代美术馆,“时代异托邦三部曲之III:从不扔东西的人”,中国广州
2016 三亚艺术季,“游·历:华宇青年奖2016年度入围艺术家群展”,中国三亚
2016 集美阿尔勒国际摄影节,“虚构叙事的转向”,中国厦门
2016 连州国际摄影年展,“无乐不作”,中国连州
2016 第三届南京国际美展,“HISTORICODE: 萧条与共给”,中国南京
2016 光复路235号,“好景不常在”(You wont be young forever),中国上海
2016 Fotogalerie Wien, Diversity of Modernity, 奥地利维也纳
2016 国际城区影像节,“我是他者”,中国深圳
2016 Photofairs Shanghai,“社交媒体时代的日常诗性”,中国上海
2016 谷仓当代影像馆,“重新成为旅行者”,中国兰州
2016 智先画廊+其门艺术,“超文本Hypertext”,中国北京
2015 凹凸空间,“有机图像志”,中国北京
2015 乌拉圭当代艺术中心,“Teetering at the Edge of the World”,乌拉圭 蒙特维的亚
2015 Objectifs,“亚洲女性摄影师展”,新加坡
2015 Photo Shanghai,“LEAP Pavillion:图像新潮”,中国上海
2015 大理国际摄影节,“亚洲新锐摄影师”,中国大理
2015 C-空间,“中间地带”,中国北京
2015 圣之空间,Scope艺术客主办,“匿名展:一场由小作品主导的视觉游戏”,中国北京
2014 北京国际设计周,“读树馆”,中国北京
2014 Kunstbüro Glöckner,“废墟 2012-2014:再生空间计划”,德国法兰克福
2013 再生空间计划#6展览“不在”,北京
2013 Photofusion, “Flash Forward 2013摄影奖”,英国伦敦
2013 Neubacher Shor Contemporary画廊,“Flash Forward 2013摄影奖”,加拿大多伦多
2013 Photoville摄影节,“美国特尼基金奖2012获奖者展览”,美国纽约
2013 伦敦艺术大学,“伦敦传媒大学摄影本科毕业展”,英国伦敦
2012 Triangle Space,“2011/12 Bar-Tur获奖艺术家群展”,英国伦敦
2012 Paradise Row,“2011/12 Bar-Tur获奖艺术家群展”,英国伦敦
2012 三影堂摄影艺术中心,“三影堂摄影奖”,中国北京
2011 J Gallery,“馆子”,中国上海
2011 平遥国际摄影大展, 中国山西
2010 中国美术学院,“影宴”,中国杭州
2010 坎伯维尔艺术大学,“India Song”, 英国伦敦
2010 The Other Space,“Some Summer”,英国伦敦
2010 Departure画廊,“Rhizomatic”,英国伦敦
2010 北京天安时间当代艺术中心,“The mARkeT”,中国北京

2016 Photobook Week, 奥胡斯,丹麦
2016 二十一世纪民生美术馆,abC艺术书展,中国上海
2016 BANK, “BOOK PARTY”, 中国上海
2015 集美 X 阿尔勒摄影节,“作者书奖”(Author Book Award)巡展,中国 厦门
2015 北京国际摄影双年展,“中西摄影出版的相遇”,中国北京
2015 TIFF 摄影节,“The Map”,波兰华沙
2015 雅典摄影节,摄影书展,希腊雅典
2015 阿尔勒摄影节,“作者书奖”(Author Book Award)展区,法国阿尔勒
2015 卡塞尔摄影书节,2015年度最佳摄影书展区,德国卡塞尔
2015 Off Print,泰特美术馆,英国伦敦
2015 1933当代艺术空间,“1933阅/览计划”,中国上海
2015 FORMAT摄影节,“来自中国的50本当代摄影书2009-2014”,英国德比 2015 洛杉矶艺术书展,美国洛杉矶

2016 金奈摄影双年展, “亚洲女性摄影师 Showcase”,印度金奈
2011 草场地摄影季,“24 小时”,中国北京

2017 “‘寒夜’对谈系列:展览作为文体”,尤伦斯当代艺术中心,中国北京
2017 “网友故事会:段建宇+杨圆圆对谈”,时代美术馆/方所,中国广州
2016 “三影堂公共教育项目:杨圆圆”,三影堂摄影艺术中心,中国北京
2016 “小说中的摄影与摄影中的小说”,色影无忌/Photofairs Shanghai, 中国上海
2016 “观看的复调:当摄影与文本共谋”,《艺术世界》杂志/上海当代艺术博物馆,中国上海
2016 “艺术写作工作坊”,Salt Project, 中国北京
2015 “如何构建图像、文字以及既有素材结合的叙事之网”,广州书墟,中国 广州
2015 “语义的放逐:图像与文本的并联”,三影堂摄影艺术中心/库布里克书 店,中国北京
2015 “青年视角”,北京国际摄影周,中国北京
2015 “纸本宣言”,北京国际设计周,中国北京
2014 “开放的图像-从《在克拉科夫的十日》谈起”,三影堂摄影艺术中心, 中国北京
2014 “在克拉科夫的十日:首发会”,库布里克书店,中国北京
2014 “杨圆圆:关于近期的实践”,器空间,中国重庆
2012 “个体的追问”,由 Be Watre Photography / 库布里克书店 协办,中国 北京