Lateral Roots issue 1 includes two printed matters: a zine and a wall calendar.

The theme of Lateral Roots’ issue 1 is “Photographs within Photographs”.
In the past, the act of taking photos and their subsequent display had aceremonial feel. Family photographs were usually placed in prominent positions in the house and represented the family history, memories, and visions. Photographstaken at home were often of festive or solemn occasions such as weddings or familyreunions. As photographic technology advances, the photograph is no longer such a valued object, and has become a flattened JPEG. When we digitally scan these
old photographs, two parallel moments in time appear on the screen. In the blurry photo within a photo, we can still vaguely discern ash-colored landscapes or make out the features of a person. The blurriness of the blown-up image is an evidence of photography’s unique existence as a medium.

The zine is designed in the format of similar as newspaper(without binding). The viewer could take any page out of the whole book, in order to take a full view of related images on the full cross-page.

The wall calendar is the limited edition supplement of this issue, with the theme of “Time Marks within Photographs”. In these photographs, time marks are mainly presented as calendars and clocks. At the moment when the shutter was pressed, They provide vague evidence of the time when the shutter was pressed: 4:40pm on 21st December of an unknown year; 8:25am on one day in 1972; some day in September/October of 1982…… At the meanwhile, the wall calendars were important and common objects in people’s home. Back in the old time, wall calendar does not only served as a time measuring tool but also a decorative object. Images usually occupy the most layout of these wall calendars. Looking at these images feels as if looking at a microcosm of a different era and different cultural backgrounds. In Lateral Roots’ wall calendar, these fragments of time marks from old photographs constitute the new type of image on the calendar.

size: 36*26cm
page number: 40
edition of 500

wall calendar
size: 40*28.5cm
page number: 13
edition of 200








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